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Savaege Films are the Films by Kevin O'Neill.

Kevin O'Neill

Kevin O’Neill Bio

Kevin O’Neill is an Award winning filmmaker from Ballinadee near Bandon in Co. Cork. He studied Film, Video and TV Production for three years at St. Johns Central College in Cork graduating in May 2005.

On completion of the course Kevin set about to make his first short film ‘Turn’ which went into production in December 2005. The short went on the film festival circuit in 2007.

In July 2007 Kevin shot his second short ‘My Ball’, which has been screen at festivals in Wales, England, Australia and South Africa where it won Best Short at the International Film Festival of South Africa in October 2008.

‘Gemma?’ which was shot in March 2010 is the third short film directed by Kevin O’Neill. Kevin directed his fourth short in 2012, which was written and produced by Niall Owens.

Kevin currently has many other projects in development varying from shorts to features and documentaries.


Turn (2007) - Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

My Ball  (2008) - Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

Gemma? (2010) - Writer, Director,

Untitled (2012) - Director, Editor


Best Short Film at International Film Festival South Africa for “My Ball”

Best Local at DareMedia Underground Film Festival for "Gemma?"

Sponsors Choice at DareMedia Underground Film Festival for "Gemma?"